Energy healing brings balance to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of an individual allowing one to return to harmony within their natural state of wellness and being bringing alignment within their true self.

Energy balancing realigns the electro-magnetic energy field by searching for any paths within the body that are interrupted.  Energy balancing cleanses the energetic impurities and reestablishes stability within the subtle energy.

Rachel is trained to detect and alleviate problems of energy flow of an individual on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels by using a series of hand movements that improve the flow of energy of her clients.  She combines Reiki (Reiki Master), Pure Light Healing with Chakra Balancing, Ancestral Healing and Crystal Therapy to reduce stress, stimulate the immune system and increase the overall vitality of the individual. She works within the energy fields of the aura to receive past and current life messages to help her clients remove blocks that are hindering normal growth and development.

Usui Reiki 
Spiritual practice developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui, who developed a technique of laying on the hands as a form of alternative medicine where universal energy is transferred in the form of ki through the palms, which allows for self-healing and a state of equilibrium.

Pure Light Healing
Channeled energy from the universal light source and angelic beings allowing the practitioner to feel, see and hear the flow of energy within one’s being and balance the chakras.

Ancestral Healing
Unresolved emotional issues can stem from energetic patterns of your ancestors.  Prior generations thoughts can impact our lives by creating obstacles and blocks.   Ancestral Healing goes deep to remove this unwanted lingering energy. Example: Great fear of losing a loved one could come from a great grandmother who lost a child due to an illness several generations ago.

Crystal Healing
Crystal therapy is an alternative healing method where stones are placed around and on the body to construct an energy grid to ground an individual.


She is also trained to work with children of all ages to relieve stress, anxiety, social or physical disorders.  Children will relax on table with headphones to favorite songs.

Energy Balancing Sessions (Reiki) are $50 for one hour. Cash, Paypal and Check accepted.  Located in Wesley Chapel, FL 33544.  Sessions are on an outside covered patio by a lake.  Appointments are M-F from 9:30-2:00.  Other times can be negotiated. Email: to schedule your appointment.

Corporate and parties

Enhancing the health and wellness of associates has become a logical extension of corporate missions. Promoting healthy living and mindfulness increases productivity while decreasing health care costs providing a positive bottom line for companies worldwide.

Rachel is available to come provide relaxation and balance at a company or private party during normal business hours or special company events. $125 an hour.  Three associates per hour can be accommodated for 18 minute sessions.