When I was in 6th Grade my Great Uncle came to our house from California and left a document with my great grandparents, their parents and siblings names along with interesting stories about their lives. I was intrigued and the characters became part of my imagination. There was Sadie and her husband who died in a horse carriage accident at a very young age. There was their father who was the richest man in town owning a large amount of land in Tuscarawas County, Ohio with a flour mill. His second wife was only 16 when he married her at age 40. His first wife died in childbirth.

In 1988, on the other side of the family my grandmother and I sent in for genealogical records and would wait in the mail for birth, death, marriage and deep dark secrets. We waited for the truth to find out why her father was in the psych ward right after my grandma was born. Seems that his father in law put a spell on him to make him crazy for leaving his daughter, my great grandma.

I have been trained over the past 32 years to dig deep and find what you are looking for. I have found long lost family information, hard to find ancestors and several birth parents through DNA. If you send me information on what you are searching I will look free of charge to see if I am able to find anything substantial and if so I take donations for my services. 

I am also versed in wills, land documents, heirs, obits, newspaper articles, birth, death and marriage records. I can also locate long lost relatives living and passed on. I can build your family tree and locate pictures of ancestors or relatives. Just let me know and I will find out the information for you. Even if you think its something impossible I will search and let you know if I can find anything.

Proficient in Ancestry, DNA sites, Family Search, Basic private records search sites.  Please send your information to starrygoldeneyedangel@gmail.com.  Please physically email me and not hit the link or I will get an email without a forwarding address.