In 2011, I discovered a life changing book called a Course in Miracles edited by Helen Schucman which is a spiritual book that deals with our way of thinking.  It contains the instructions on how to let go and find the peace and the love of God. It undoes guilt and sin through forgiveness.  It helps us find the truth about this world and God.   A Course in Miracles contains three parts.  The book, 365 days of daily lessons and the teacher’s manual.

I have recorded a video for each lesson because the text for the daily lessons are really hard to comprehend and understand.  I wanted to be able to explain it to everyone who was willing to watch hoping I could help him open up a little further.

Balanced By Light promotes healthy and spiritual living in all aspects of awareness. Free Apps can be downloaded to get the daily lessons, they can be found online or the hard copy of the book can be bought. I encourage you to read the daily lesson before watching my brief explanation in the short video for the day. It is not necessary but definitely helpful. You may simply type the daily lesson number in the search next to the about (magnifying glass icon) on the homepage to pick up where you left off.  Enjoy and discover.

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“All materials from A Course in Miracles used on the Balanced By the Light channel are used with permission from the Foundation for Inner Peace, publisher and copyright holder of A Course in Miracles, and”