I am headed UP!   
At my 3 times great grandma's grave in 2000.
I am headed UP! At my 3 times great grandma's grave in 2000.

About the Author

Rachel Roman Tipton was born in Canton, Ohio into a loving Catholic family in the 70’s.  She became aware at an early age that what she was learning about religion, personal relationships and how the world worked just did not feel right.  She questioned things even as a toddler on the status of everything.  Her surroundings she found herself residing in just did not feel right and she started her search for something greater.  Unaware she was training her whole life to detect and alleviate physical, mental and emotional pain, she uncovered a deeper meaning of the world.  She found it essential to get her multitude of thoughts all out and down on paper to first gain greater clarity and then to share her message to everyone.  Hoping individuals will listen, understand and start to wake up is her main passion for life.

Rachel brings balance to individuals by allowing them to return to harmony within their natural state of oneness and conveying alignment within their true self.  She searches souls for any paths that are interrupted and gives solutions by cleansing the impurities and reestablishing stability.