This book was developed when I came to the realization that I no longer wanted to feel unhappy, depressed, sad, angry, lonely (even though I am married with children), worthless and discontent.  I noticed everyone else I knew was feeling the same way I was too.  The whole entire lot of us have multitudes of problems occur throughout our day on various topics.  Not only do we deal with these feelings and issues everyday, but our brains are running nonstop and the clutter inside is making us all just a little irrational.  I knew there must be another way of looking at things and I found the answer which I have outlined for you perfectly in Cheat Sheet to Heaven.  Your current state of affairs is not correct and I will open you up to find the truth and be at peace.

A New Way of Living Life

What you are currently doing does not work so understand why you are never happy, satisfied or content with anything.  When one issue ends another seems to creep into your life wrecking havoc to your system.  Learn how to extinguish those awful feelings and enjoy your day.

Miracles Really do Exist

Unlock the secrets of what miracles really are and how they can occur everyday for any situation.

Peaceful Existence

See the bigger picture of what God, life and heaven is really about.  Transform yourself into a peaceful person and find out the truth about who you really are, not only in this life but down the road for eternity.